2D and 3D Crime Scene Diagrams &

3D Animations

I provide 2D and 3D modeling of crime scenes and other locations of interest (traffic collision, etc) using state of the art software; Revit, SketchUp, 3DS Max, etc.  I utilize scene photographs and measurements taken from the scene to create the life-like and accurate 2D and 3D models.


This presentation method allows the viewer to view and clearly understand the scene, rotate and zoom in on important customized viewpoints and maximize the evidential value of the scene.  These powerful analytical tools assist the viewer in understanding the evidence and object locations within the scene.  3D modeling evidence also assists witnesses in explaining where they were in relation to other people and physical evidence within the scene.


I also provide 3D photo-realistic animations in order to virtually recreate crimes and events of interest utilizing the 3DS Max software.  Applying motion graphics adds an increased understanding of your scene and can be very effective when there are multiple people, vehicles, and actions involved.  Please email me with any questions regarding this type of demonstrative evidence.

Crime Scene Diagram in 2D and 3D