Why do you need a Forensic Video Analysis Expert to analyze your video?




Expert Interpretation is needed in almost all cases involving video evidence.  Digital video can be very misleading to the casual observer and needs to be interpreted by an expert in order to explain what is added/subtracted by the computer or digital video recorder (DVR) during the video capture process.


The following issues come up on a daily basis when reviewing video evidence and an expert is needed to decipher what was actually taking place in front of the camera.

  • Authentication
  • Infrared Cameras
  • Frame Rate
  • Artifacts
  • Correct Format
  • Compression
  • Date and Time Information
  • Prior Editing
  • Incorrect Player
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Many Other Technical Issues


If you don't have an Expert Forensic Video Analyst working on your video, you may be misinterpreting what actually happened in front of the camera.


What you don't know about the video, can hurt your case.